We specialize in creating TURN KEY homes from a CUTTING EDGE, PROBLEM SOLVING perspective with the intention of going beyond the beautiful and fundamentally changing how our clients live, feel and function in their space. It's an inside-out approach, tailored with meaningful elements that bring each client their own sense of great joy.

When there wasn't room for the bracket from a library ladder, we got creative

When there wasn't room for the bracket from a library ladder, we got creative

We have found after 14 years in business that a TURN KEY CONCIERGE service for full homes or entire floors gives our clients the best value for their dollar and maximizes our strengths and experience.

On page 40 of our magazine, see this insightful guide that could save you lots of misery and money:



TURN KEY CONCIERGE INTERIOR DESIGN Is for the discerning client who values livable luxury, customization and a high level of service. You'd be minimally involved so you can spend your time doing what you love the most.

"We are surprised and impressed that you got us with such precision, with seemingly minimal interaction" - Tom

We are exceptional at delivering spaces more optimal than clients imagined. We start by establishing a mutual fit, project scope, expectations, values and preferences [ style, quality, detail, communication etc. ] and a signed letter of agreement.

These project budgets start at $150,000+ and we make it simple for you by including design and goods in a per square foot price. Our unique approach also lets us work our magic mixing various price points to get you a curated home with maximum results for your investment. We love commissioning original art where it matters to you and mixing it with art from coffee table books.

You will benefit from our long term incredible trade and supplier relationships cultivated over the years. Considered a top Toronto interior design firm, we do functional, livable luxury like no one else in the city. 

If you are down to earth, value livable luxury, function as much as beauty and your time, we'd like to hear from you! Tell us about your project.